Distribution Charts by Lab/Source

This is the next step of dealing with the Taxonomy Nightmare before Christmas. On the taxa detail pages, allow people to view the distributions be specific labs. For illustration I will be using Lachnospiraceae http://microbiomeprescription.azurewebsites.net/library/details?taxon=186803 because it is reported in almost all sources.

You will see a new drop down

Log of Values

20% below 12
15% below 12
40% below 12
55% below 12
68% below 12

Actual Values

We will use Ruminococcaceae, http://localhost:42446/library/details?taxon=541000 . Again, something everyone reports

Because most are uBiome, then the shapes above and below are similar
The highest value found was still below the average values of other tests

Bottom Line

There are oddities with some taxa between labs. These charts will help determine better if your readings are atypical or not.