The Journey Begins with your microbiome

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You wish to get a 16s Microbiome Test?

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Recommended Site For Testing

If you have ME/CFS or other financially disastrous condition, there is always a nasty cost factor for testing. My usual recommendation is for the cheapest, high quality provider that provides information for upload to my analysis site, is the easiest to use and appears most preferred by my users. They ship worldwide. Some sites provide a mountain more of information — but the benefit from that extra information is almost nothing (and it adds $$$$ and complexity).

  • is shutting down. This had been my personal usual site because using a variety of techniques, the cost was $25/sample. Don’t order from there.
  • (EU based) is an excellent buy using our discount code [MICRO]. They have also automated data transfer to our analysis site.
  • Thryve is what I am starting to use. Their reports may be processed here for independent suggestions. I would also recommend

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    1. Note that most supplements etc have side-effects and some risks… including Lactobacillus probiotics — which in a few cases has caused death.

      It’s evaluating the benefit/risk profile….. which usually means doing a fair amount of research

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