RAAS: Suggested implementation guidance

Any implementation should take to heart “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet”. Bacteria, modifiers have an abundance of alternative names (and on occasion may need location, i.e. common name in English, French, Spanish).

It is suggested that the following tables be done to allow easy substitution. In all cases, the id+lcid should be a primary key for best performance

  • Bacteria
    • id – Taxon
    • lcid – language indicator
    • Name to show
  • Modifier
    • id –
    • lcid – language indicator
    • Name to show
    • Omit – bool, discard when this modifier appears
    • Link to store front if desired
  • Citation
    • id
    • Description — appropriate citation according to which ever style manual you prefer.
    • Omit – bool, discard when this citation appears

In general, the response are kept reasonably compacted based on the assumption that there will be client side tables to transform the data and apply filtering.