RAAS Pricing Model

The pricing intent is to reduce the estimate cost of doing it yourself by 70-99% (depending on hourly rate of people, etc).

There are two models available, smorgasbord (shown below) and bulk rate (minimum 6 month with introductory rate of $200 US/month, subject to change on renewal )

  • Price per API called (basic information).
    • The cost is $0.10 per API called
    • Applies to:
  • Price per basic analysis of a microbiome API call –
    • This is intended for firms that wish to derive their own suggestions, applying their own algorithms
      • The cost is $0.50 per call
      • POST to /Api/OpenSample
    • Premium includes the results of our own algorithm
      • The cost is $0.20 for the above with our suggestions ($0.70)
      • POST to /Api/OpenSample?Premimum=1
  • Price per citation with extended information
    • Extended information typically contains links to the full text of the study (not guaranteed)
      • The cost is $0.30 per call. The time it would take to locate the text is often significant and this should resolve in major cost savings.
      • /api/citation?id=#&premimum=1
    • Without extended information it is the $0.10.
      Note that the ???citations api provide the same information in bulk in a single API call and just $0.10
      • /api/citations


Payment is done in advance, API’s will return not authorized when funds are exhausted. Payments are not refundable. We can provide trial accounts for you to validate the usefulness.

To get current balance:

  • /api/balance

To get the history of calls from the present backwards

  • /api/calls?number=###
    • Default is last 200 calls.

Both of these calls are at the standard $0.10

Worked Example of Costs

This assumes that you want everything about probiotics in our database. This is assuming you persist the results on your side

  1. A lookup for modifier types and look for probiotics  ONE TIME ONLY – Or every many months (unlikely to change)
  1. A lookup of modifiers by based on the probiotic modifier type  ONE TIME ONLY – Or every few months 
  1. Then an individual call for each probiotic modifier to get the citations  – JUST ONCE PER MONTH would be expected at most; I do monthly reviews of data, so more often will get the same data
    1. At present 199 items would be returned… this cost to this point 199 * 0.10 + 0.20 (for 1 and 2) = $20.10
    2. Requery an item should be done first for items with the most citations (the most likely one to have more)
      1. Once every 3+ months is suggested

At this point you have all of the PubMed citation links and thus can preview and determine items of interest for the next call.

If you want every citation for probiotics, it is at present 266 citations, so worst case is 266 * $0.30 = $79.80

Grand total for everything (focused on probiotics) would be $20.10 + $79.80  = $99.90

This is assuming that your code is efficient and you do not make redundant calls. I.e. if you get full citation information for #7463, you store this and never calls it again.

On the flip-side, estimate the cost to locate and read 266 studies and your labor rate. I expect the above to be cheap.