Donations and Memberships

In 2020, we decided to stop being for a “for poverty websites” after many years (i.e. personally picking up all of the costs) and ask for donations to cover operating costs. In 2021, we were pleased to see that donations covered operating costs and allowed us to do some upgrades for better experiences. There was a significant donations from Biome Sight that should get kudos.

The premise is simple,

  • we will continue to make pre 2020 features free for all users
  • most features developed in 2020 and later will be available for a short period after a new upload as thanks for doing the upload. These features will be behind a “needs-wall”, either
    • An email requesting the higher level of access (ideally explaining why), with the assumption of financial constraints
    • A donations showing appreciation for the site
    • Professional and serious users are expected to make a reasonable donation to ongoing cost. We DO NOT put advertising on the site (we could)
  • in 2022, we’ve added to the professional level, features called “nerds” which are experimental and usually complex to understand and use correctly. Support explaining these features is not available. If you need an explanation — you are not a nerd!

For 2022, we will continue to give a one year Premium Level of access (more features) for any amount of donation (or by emailing pleading a need) – either by PayPal link on site or by Amazon Gift Card (Amazon account: This is a continuation of our 2021 position.

NOTA BENA: These are strictly donations and not purchases of access level. People may get the same access level without donating a cent.

We are also including one month of Professional Access (still more features — but likely only of use to professionals). A donation of at least $100 is suggested to get a year of Professional Access, these features will save professional considerable time — and time is money. As a professional, you are earning money from the site directly or indirectly — a token donation is reasonable.

To recap, for every new 16s data upload, we will automatically grant 14 days of premium access to those users that do not have it (no email or donation required). This will allow those people to use comparison tools between samples.

  • New User Complimentary: 30 days of premium access, 7 day of professional
  • New Uploads Complimentary: 14 days of premium access, 1 day of professional (does not apply to re-uploads)

Please note that after an upload, you will have access to features that may disappear in a few weeks.

Many thanks to many people for your financial support.

Membership Levels

A person using this site will have one of the following access/feature levels and the display level they pick after logging in .

  • Anonymous – They can look up basic data.
  • Legacy – Login with the original mechanism (name/test id). This is weak security, but since it does not require an email — some people prefers it to insure a high degree of privacy. They do not have access to advance features
  • Verified – Login is only via a link that is emailed to them. This is more secure and recommended. All of the pre-2020 features are available for free
  • Premium – Requires the user to be verified. New users are automatically granted a time limited premium trial.
    Premium has new reports and analysis that is not available to Legacy or Verified. Features that are premium are shown with either
  • Professional – All of the premium features and ability to group by patients, bacteria by modifier detail shown for suggestions with links to the data source (often full text of the studies) as shown below. Upon request, they may have the researcher flag set — which will enable the nerd display lefvel

The membership level determines the options available for display level (see this post).

This choice is available to Professionals
This gives the “evidence” trail of the suggestions to a professional