I have just completed a series of charts showing timelines (over 1000 new charts for most users). Timeline are important because they show how things are changing. Showing a time line can be complicated because numbers from different lab software are not comparable (see Taxonomy Nightmare post) even when the same analysis data file (FastQ) is used!

To address the issues of different numbers, different symbols are used for different lab software. It is strongly recommented that you obtain the FastQ files from the lab that did the sample and process them thru:

The results should be 3 or more sets of reading for the single sample.

There are no magic most important number for all people. Nor can a single test provide a solution. Your microbiome changes over time, and as you attempt to change things, there will be unexpected shifts. If you are dealing with health issues, one test every 2-3 months is strongly recommended.

The data is recomputed at least once a week (there are a lot of numbers to recompute to keep the data current!).

The timelines are divided into 5 collections, as shown below

Expected Benefit

My own experience has been that I was able to improve (and in some cases, eliminate) medical concerns by using regular microbiome tests and altering diet, supplements etc to manipulate the microbiome. The challenge is identifying what is off, and then how to correct it.

This suite of timeline charts are intended to make that easier (although you may have many charts to look thru).

Bacteria Time Line

This collects the distributions for all bacteria types seen in all of your samples and allow you to inspect changes by time (and lab software!).

Showing using Log(Bacteria Count) – Default
Showing actual values —
Shown as Percentage of highest value of any sample

The bacteria rank goes down to Strains, when that is reported by the lab software.

End Product Timelines

End products being produced by the bacteria are estimated from available data. Since each lab reports different bacteria counts, there will be some variability. Again we have 3 style of display: Log, Value, % of highest value.

There are about 150 choices to explore. If a chart is blank, then there was no bacteria matches — this may not be an item of concern because we have partial knowledge only of what is produced by which bacteria.

Medical Conditions Timelines

This uses studies from PubMed which report ‘higher’ or ‘lower’ levels. We use quartiles (highest and lowest) to compute values. In general, readers have reported that these numbers are less accurate than symptoms (see section below). We have 3 style of display: Log, Value, % of highest value.

There are about 150 choices to explore

Symptoms Timeline

This is from this site’s Citizen Science Artificial Intelligence algorithms. Only symptoms that have at least 5 bacteria very statistically significant are shown. The number of items may increase or decrease with time. At present, it’s around 100.

For myself, when I was above the 90%ile, I was having regular night sweats.

Sample Profile Timeline

This displays a variety of general characteristics as shown below:

A brief summary

  • Bacteria Count: Number of bacteria identified. More diversity is usually good, but excessive diversity, especially of rare bacteria, usually indicate issues
    • Rarest 1%: Seen in less than 1% of uploaded samples
    • Rare 2%: Seen in less than 2% of uploaded samples
    • Rare 4%: Seen in less than 4% of uploaded samples
    • Unusual 8%: Seen in less than 6% of uploaded samples
    • Infrequent 16%: Seen in less than 16% of uploaded samples
  • Firmicutes-to-Bacteroidetes Ratio: Some people deem it significant for some conditions
  • Prevotella-to-Bacteroides Ratio: Some people deem it significant for some conditions
  • Overall Symptom Health: This is a measure summing all bacteria matches for all symptoms
  • Overall Medical Condition Health: This is a measure summing all bacteria matches for all medical conditions

Bottom Line

This suite of charts gives a lot of analysis information. Most of these charts allow you to drill down immediately

Which takes you to a page like this:

Enjoy, learn, share.

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