UI Improvement on Taxonomy Time Lines

People who track their microbiome overtime, (much wiser than doing a one time and expecting that to be a magic cure), know that I support timeline analysis on http://microbiomeprescription.azurewebsites.net/

How to get to timeline analysis
On the next page you will see this button, click it after selecting the samples.

Three Views: Value, Log(Value), Percentile

At the top you will see two select choices and a link to the associated library page. All of the data is downloaded so you can quickly explore the patterns without having to wait for the next bacteria to load.

Percentile – the spike in 2019 was the ME/CFS Relapse
Actual values — showing that I am finally getting Lactobacillus. Note the “No Value” is shown when nothing was reported.
Using Log(Value)

and tagged .

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