For whom the bell (curve) tolls…

This weekend I added distribution charts for a variety of aggregations from microbiome data ( End Products, matches to Published Medical studies for conditions, uBiome metabolites, select ratios reported in the literature). This give a much better visualization whether there is a potential issue or not.

I followed that up with distribution charts for all of the taxa in the uploaded samples. Some taxa produce ‘sweet curves’ and others indigestion to someone that likes graphical elegance.

Sweet Genus Allisonella

We almost have a straight line looking at the logs.
With actual values we have a lovely curve that hints at 5.0% almost being a maximum limit for this genus

One of many ugly: order Neisseriales

Bottom Line

Togging the charts between actual value and log(value) often reveal a lot more about the behavior of a bacteria. Look at genus Roseburia. Two very different inflection points (change of behavior) appears — depending on how you look at it.

Bottom 18% seems to be unusual
Top 5% seems to be unusual.
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